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Dear Couple,

If you've decided that you no longer want to live with the bickering, fighting, anger, resentment, anxiety, rejection and all the other things that go along with a relationship that isn't working and you're ready to make deliberate progress towards a loving, caring, accepting, validating, fulfilling relationship you had hoped for when you started out together, then this is the most important letter you'll ever read.

If you want to get the relationship you've always dreamed of having (seriously this time) and you're struggling to make it happen (i.e. you need help overcoming some major difficulties), and you want to get fast results (for motivated couples "fast" means less than three months), then this is the most exciting message you'll ever read - and here's why:

And by the way, yes this new approach has been proven over and over by the thousands of successful people who have already completed my program.

But before I tell you about it, let me make something perfectly clear.

This is NOT one of those quick schemes that promises you everything and delivers you nothing.

What you’re getting has worked reliably for 98% of my clients and is the exact same method and process I have used with over three decades of clients (tweaked and tuned to version 3.0). But there’s a serious catch. And here it is:

I’ve helped couples over-and-over create amazing marriages together. At times, against their own predictions and skepticism, but never without the dedication and focus necessary to get through the process and do the work.

For Example:
  • I’ve helped an Emergency Physician and her celebrity husband create a family with their two daughters and rebalance their life after he had an extramarital affair.
  • ​I’ve brought two famous actors together after their passion had exhausted and they had failed several times at attempting an ‘open relationship’
  • ​I’ve helped a couple who were unable to navigate the fact that they worked together in the same company
  • ​I’ve assisted a busy Canadian politician rekindle the intimacy she sought with an equally famous (and incredibly busy) constitutional lawyer
  • ​I’ve assisted several blended families integrate step children into their marriage
  • ​I've helped a couple who had BOTH been married three times before, finally figure out what they wish they had known 15 years ago
  • ​I could go on and on, there’s literally thousands of real cases to draw from.
HOWEVER, I’m not suggesting that everyone, or anyone, who works with me will be successful in their marriage. I don’t know how you would define success for that matter. I don’t know if you will attain any success. 

It’s likely that many, or most people reading this, won’t find the love they feel they deserve, especially if they believe that ‘love happens to you’ rather than ‘We create love, if we work effectively on our relationship skills’ - and we know it’s not a solo endeavor. 

And if couples don’t follow the directions and work hard, chances are that they’ll keep doing what they’ve always been doing… and as you probably know, they get the same results they’ve been getting all along. At the end of the day, you are the only one who can create your life. Not me, not a book, not some internet short-cut. 

A relationship needs two, willing individuals; willing to be a couple, willing to find love and willing to do what it takes to co-create a relationship that is rewarding for BOTH participants.

You see, the above successful couples (and many, many more) all had TWO THINGS in common. They were intentional in staying open-minded and willing and they were clear and motivated on what they were working towards.

You see, that’s the trick

Working through this process isn’t mystical or mysterious. Working through this program requires focus and dedication for a relatively short period of time (how long it takes exactly, will depend on your current situation and your ability to invest dedicated time and effort to your own relationship success.)

This is NOT a magic pill. If you’re looking for a low investment quick-fix, and unable to invest in your own success, then I’m sorry - this is not for you. Applying your energy where it counts, and not wasting your energy on things that don’t get you anywhere, (obviously) is how I help couples get to the relationship they want.

And of course, let’s be upfront about this too: 
If you’ve already let it get out of hand and you (or your spouse) are resolved in breaking up then you’re unlikely motivated enough to put in the required work. Then I can’t help you and you’d be wasting your time and money. 

I don't mean when your spouse is talking about divorce or threatening to leave. What I mean is when someone is already resolved to leave or has moved in with their lover, mother, other apartment, etc. Threatening to leave is just a form of emotional leverage in a desperate hope that there still is a way to make it work out.

Of Course This Is Exactly What My Free Relationship Assessment Is All About: Finding Out If My Rapid Relationship Repair Approach Is A Good Match For You...

Let me tell you about the Free Relationship Assessment

1. First we setup and appointment (on the next page)

2. In About An Hour's Interview I will:
  • Ask you a bunch of questions, related to your situation
  • Ask you what you want and need from the relationship
  • Ask you what you had hoped for when you got married
  • Ask you what you've already been able to do about it, so far
  • Ask you about any previous attempts at working it out, and how that worked out for you
  • Evaluate what needs to be done to get you where you want to be
  • Evaluate how much effort and time you would need to invest
  • And provide you with a fixed price.
And Yes,

If my assessment concludes that I'm able to use my 34 years of experience to help you transition from were you are, to the relationship you want, I will tell you with accuracy how much effort is involved - thus being able to quote you a fixed price for the work.

No tricks, no gimmicks, just a firm price.

That's right. In fact, if it takes more work than I quoted, I will add as many sessions as it takes to finish the job (as long as you bring your earnest participation, do the homework etc. of course)

In fact, it is my most honored mission to make myself redundant in your relationship. I mean, unlike other counseling models, I believe my work is done, when I'm no longer needed AND to get to that point as soon as possible.
In other words: not selling you additional sessions or doing needless and endless regressions, fault finding, blaming circumstances and parents, but to do the work efficiently - and leave you both to enjoy your new relationship as soon (but not until) we've reached our goals together.
With that said, let me jump in and show you exactly what you’re getting.

First of all, this is not like any other counseling program you’ve ever done, read or heard about (until now, of course)

No fluff or filler, just battle tested tactics that are working right now with other clients. I will show you, step by step how to apply them and why they work. And the strategies are easy to understand and follow.

In the shortest time possible, you are able to transform your relationship: focusing on overcoming the old, while skilfully navigating your new love, care, calm and kindness that deliberately emerges from the work.

You’ll get immediate insight into the core of human relationship (the what and why) and what makes relationships work and what makes relationships a struggle. 

You’ll very quickly experience for yourself how you too can look forward to co-creating, navigating and nurturing a deeply rewarding and fulfilling relationship of your own, just like the many couples who’ve already transformed their relationships successfully.
It’s about much more than just your Intimate Relationships. (Although we'll be concentrating on that relationship foremost, of course)

For example:
Once you learn how to navigate the marriage you’re currently struggling with in your intimate relationship, then you can apply these exact same principles to any and all relationships!

The relationship with your parents, your colleagues, your clients, EVERYONE! In fact, you’ll find that once you master the concepts, your life with neighbors, sharing the roads, differing political views, competitors, etc. etc. will improve dramatically.

Not only that, you can teach your children from a place of experience and authority, how to successfully navigate their relationships. If only by modeling successful relationship and conflict resolution. Not merely by tolerance and avoidance, but with true and successful intent. (honestly, I have used these exact same techniques and approach to assist several business buy-outs and even used the same approach for getting a good deal when purchasing automobiles on behalf of my family members!)

Imagine a time in the near future (kids grow up fast). And your teen needs assistance and support, navigating a relationship at school, their first job, a romantic interest… and you giving them the support they need. Showing them, from experience, how to navigate relationships. And not passing on the legacy and doctrine that you were imbued with. (which isn’t working out so well) but showing your kid how they too can show up to their own relationships in the most successful way possible.

But first, let’s concentrate on helping your turn your relationship into the relationship you always wanted. Loving, caring, accepting, trusting, safe, fulfilling, rewarding, kind, calm, connected and collaborative.
Included In The Program
  • How To Ensure Your Spouse Stays Faithful - even after they've strayed before. (and it's not what you think it is)
    You see, nobody actually WANTS to be unfaithful.
    From their viewpoint, they were unfaithful because they had no other way and in their desperate need, they were compelled to act out.
    You’ll be able to quickly and accurately remedy the underlying cause of infidelity.
  • How To Make A Relationship Filled With Love - even when you've been unsuccessful in the past.
    Once you MASTERED the skills that match your partner's deepest needs, you will feel your partner's undeniable love for you. (I'm not over-promising - this kind of intimate, deep love is real and available to you!)
  • Learn how to let go of resentment and finally forgive in chapter 17
  • ​And address anger in the relationship ONCE AND FOR ALL in the Bonus Anger Module that’s included in the program.
    Anger Issues are the most requested add-on most couples request - I am including it in this offer for FREE!
  • ​Learn to DISCOVER and CELEBRATE each other’s differences - instead of insisting on fighting incompatibilities.
  • The 3 Mistakes that will ruin ANY relationship (and you didn't even realize you've been making ALL 3 MISTAKES daily)
  • ​The 6 Acts Of Superiority that block your spouses' ability to love you (And judgement is not #1 on that list!)
  • Why Trying To Get Your Spouse To Understand You NEVER has the intended result!
  • ​If you think that anger can be brought under control, you’ll never find it’s final solution
  • ​Why Looking For Fault In Your Past doesn't help to heal your relationship (Instead it causes pity and tolerance - not love)
  • ​AND: Why “Needing to Know” or "Enforcing Transparency" is THE ONE THING that guarantees marriage breakdown (Think about it… insisting on transparency only causes more covert behaviours - who wants to be controlled and judged by their spouse?) - and, of course, what to do about this and how to approach the subject of healthy transparency in relationship
Say Goodbye
  • Say Goodbye to: Fighting In Front Of The Kids
  • ​Say Goodbye to: Going To Bed Angry
  • ​Say Goodbye to: Waking Up, HOPING Today Is A Better Day
  • Say Goodbye to: Dreading To Come Home After Work
  • Say Goodbye to: Intimacy Issues Caused By Stress, Resentment, Rejection And Control.
You can Stop
  • You can stop worrying when the day will come that your spouse has left you a note
  • ​You can stop worrying about splitting the assets or, God forbid, negotiating custody or visitation rights
  • ​You can stop worrying about who's going to raise your kids
  • ​You can stop worrying whether your friends or your children need to take sides
  • ​You can stop worrying about infidelity
  • You can end the insecurity and stop feeling rejected
  • You can stop feeling ‘not good enough’ and find the confidence in your relationship
  • You can stop feeling unsupported and feel hear and valued in your relationship
  • You can end that feeling of impending doom, fearing the loud voice of your spouse and wondering if you should end the relationship
  • You can feel it’s ok to lean on your spouse when you need them (In Fact, it makes them feel wanted)
  • You can feel you can finally be yourself in the presence of your spouse
  • You can feel the freedom to become who you need to be, and not just an extension of your spouse
Yes, you’re right... 

That IS a lot of battle-tested strategies 

that transform your relationship
And I cover subjects that nobody else can share with you because 

No-one else is doing it this way.

It gets better because you’re also getting:

  • The ENTIRE 20 hour Self-Paced Video Lecture Series
    With ALL the slides
    Narrated by Yours Truly
    and yours to keep
  • Step-by-step
    The entire transition to the most intimate and loving relationship
    The full course (video)
    Yours to keep
  • ANSWER ANXIETY:  Is the working title of my new book - As soon as it's ready for publishing, I'll send you a copy to review.


  • UNLIMITED 90 Minute Sessions
    For the duration of the program
  • Need Extra Help? No problem, we just schedule some extra time
  • But No Extra Charge
  • Need To Work On Blended Family? Let's do some sessions on that subject.
  • How About Infidelity? That's going to take a little longer (included)
  • What About Anxiety, Depression, Anger? (As long as it's related to your marriage) It's included
  • ​Of course Anger and Coercion is already included...
  • ​Yes, after the free assessment, I will  provide you with an inclusive time, effort and price.
* Here's the small print: Unlimited sessions are NOT available (or revoked) for couples or individuals who are unwilling, unmotivated or unable to follow instructions, do their homework, participate fulling in each session and in the course, don't pay, don't try out the new approach, mind-set, process, method, etc.  Unlimited sessions are not a substitute for non- or low- participation and ONLY within the scope of relationship counseling - for people who are fully engaged. - What does this mean? I work hard, you work hard. I fully engage, you fully engage. I love providing more or longer sessions to curious, engaged, open-minded, intentional and willing people.
Here's What To Do Next:
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- Then CLICK on the green button below
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- Fill In The Form
- I will follow up with an email
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Simple as that!

Are you ready to talk?
P.S: I'm accepting applications from USA, Canada ONLY.
P.P.S: In case you’re one of those people (like myself) who just skip to the end of the letter, here’s the deal:
I’m offering you a Free Relationship Assessment over Zoom
At the end of the call you will know
  • If I can help you heal your marriage (If not, I will refer you on)
  • ​How much time, effort and money (yes, you'll know up front)
  • ​Fixed Price (Unlimited sessions
  • ​A full understanding of outcomes
  • ​A clear understanding of my approach and process
  • ​A set of scheduled calls (first 4 calls) if you decide to go ahead in the coming available time slot
P.P.P.S: The Numbers:
  • 90 Days 1-on-1 Support (no conference calls)
  • ​Unlimited Sessions (Couples and/or 1-on-1)
  • ​22 Lesson Modules on creating a Level III Relationship
  • ​34 Lessons on Parenting (Optional)
  • ​1 Complete module on Anger Management (Bonus)
  • ​34 Years Counseling Experience (24 years Couple's Experience)
  • Direct Phone, Text, Email access to me